$500 Donation !

Today we received a $500 donation to help pay for the Women's Gathering. The money will come to us in $1 golden coins featuring Sacagawea. There is a program through the U.S. Mint that makes these available. You can read more about the program at this URL:

We are very appreciative of getting this donation and delighted that the woman who donated this money came to our very first Women's Gathering in 1984 ! This donation will help offset the cost for women unable to pay, and we'll use some of it to pay for supplies as well. We are still looking for people to pay at or above the sliding scale fee to help us continue to cover the cost of the event.

Any women who are interested in putting some of these dollar coins into circulation - the program stipulates that they can't be turned in at a financial institution - please let us know during the gathering and we will give you as many as you want for your $ bills.



2011 Gathering on it's way !

The new Women's Gathering team has been meeting weekly for several months now. Rayne just did the first site-prep work shift and got a lot of raking accomplished. Hawina just figured out how to access the blog for this website and post updates. Vodtjka has done a great job working on the mailer, which went out a few weeks ago. Registrations have slowly started to trickle in and several women have contacted us who want to give a workshop at the Gathering. More updates to come soon ! Other names in our team : Sapphyre, MacGyver, Brittany, Eva, and Clementine (currently off traveling the country but back by the end of this month to help out right before and during the Women's Gathering). We are all looking forward to a great event starting in FOUR (!) weeks.

With warm and sticky summer-in-Virginia hugs, Hawina


Hey All,

So after several months of silence on the Women's Gathering website, I just want to get back in touch and share some news. Arizona, the Gathering's former coordinator, has found herself tied up with other responsibilities here on the farm, and so won't be able to organize this year's event. While we're sorry to lose her wonderful energy and talent, I'm thrilled to announce that six (count 'em, six!) wonderful women have stepped up to form the coordination team for this year's Women's Gathering, and many others have offered to lend us their support, skills and expertise!

We're currently in the process of sending out flyers to over 4,000 women around the country, and are working on doing some online publicity as well. Marta and others will be updating the website (which can now be reached through both womensgathering.org and womynsgathering.org) and we'll be hard at work processing registrations as they come in, too.

One of the most exciting parts about the Gathering is, of course, the workshops, and that's where you come in! Are you interested in leading a session, sharing circle, or anything else about an issue (or craft, or dance, or, or, or....) that's important to you? You don't have to be an expert...we'd love to have you on board!  E-mail us at gathering@twinoaks.org, and let us know what you'd like to lead.  And, if you're not up for running a session yourself, it'd be great to hear what workshops you'd like to see at the Gathering, and we'll do our best to get them there.

Lastly, registration has begun! Click the "Register Now" button on the website to sign up, or send us an e-mail. To help us plan, please have your registration in by August 1st.

Looking forward to seeing you in August!

In love and solidarity,



Getting Ready for 2010

Hi All!  This is 2010's Womyn's Gathering Coordinator, Arizona.  I am very excited about this year's gathering and hope you will be equally enthused.  The Women's Gathering will be August 20th - 22nd so mark your calendars.

And the theme?  Threads of Strength.

Do you have an idea for a workshop you would like to attend?  Send me an email with your idea.  arizona@twinoaks.org

- Hugs, Arizona -


Gathering 2009 Photos

in love

in love

good morning!

good morning!
at registration

at registration





new friends

new friends


we did it!

well, folks, that's it- the 26th annual gathering has come and gone. after taking a day off yesterday to lay in bed and come down from the adrenaline rush (and have a bit of "post partum depression"), now it's time to talk about how it went, what worked and what we can do better.


THANK YOU to everyone who was here, who helped, and who contributed. financially we did excellently this year, we made a profit of around $1000. generally i aim to break even on the gathering, but if we make a small profit that means money going to support the community that has so kindly hosted us. so THANK YOU for contributing however you did!

i have good news! many of you are aware that i will not be at Twin Oaks next summer as i am headed back up to western NY to return to college (for a second bachelors in sign interpretation). just yesterday arizona offered to take on the job of running the gathering!

yes, the gathering will continue! hooray!

overall i think this was a fairly successful gathering. many of the comments we got in the eval forms involved the kitchen- and your comments have not gone unheard. the kitchen always has room for improvement! new tarps are certainly in order, as well as some better posting of locations and times. i opted to save paper this year on the program and did not include a map- i think next year the map will return to the program. its worth the paper (and we only had about 5 left over programs!).

it would seem as though the drag show and film screenings were a hit! so we'll do our best to have them again next year. oh, and i'll work on preventing the rain- some of us believe that it had to do with some rogue rain-stick playing.

thank you to all of you who wrote "byrd" as one of your favorite parts of the gathering- it felt really good to have that affirmation. i hope to keep in touch with all of you as i move into new endeavors- who knows, maybe i'll pop up organizing some new gathering some where near you!

next years featured workshop: first-lady panel with michelle obama. (props to catherine for giving me the addy for the whitehouse!)


in solidarity and sisterhood

Byrd the Starfish


it's begun!

i know i know... it's been a while since my last post...

i've been  busy!

anyway, today's the day! actually, yesterday, as it's now saturday morning very very early. things have gotten off to a fabulous start- already over 50 womyn here! the goal is to go above 100, so bring your friends tomorrow! the workshop line up is essentially the same as what's posted on the site, with some awesome new additions.

the performances were SO AMAZING. the jessica marie quintet is always a hit, followed by genevieve harper who was hilarious (and the two interpreters here did a great job interpreting, they were a show on their own!), and Shadhavar Bellydance... well, let me just say, i was speechless. oh. my. goodness. they were so incredible.

so it's been a great night- a long day for me, and another long day tomorrow, but it's gonna be great. everyone pitching in, learning names- this is going to be an event people will remember.

still not sure if you're coming?

you are.

i've decided for you. :)

see you tomorrow!


byrd the starfish

(who is now going to bed)


i love my job.

well, the womyns gathering job, at any rate. last friday nightshade, bean, liz acorn, and i all went into charlottesville to do some busking on the mall. i spun poi, nightshade juggled, bean and liz were super cute and friendly handing out flyers (we had a sparkly hat! i had a faux-hawk!), it was swell. we made two bucks! we got a few flyers out, and several folks seemed really interested, so that was great. it was also just a wonderful evening, hanging out, listening to music and having an impromptu dance party.

this counts as advertising work! whee!

the gathering is going well- 30 official registered womyn so far, and usually we get the bulk of registrations in august, so this is a good set up. i'm really excited about the spread this year- so many spectacular workshops and performances! the acapella group formerly known as FEC Sharp, now the Jessica Marie Quintet, has their cd ready to sell for donations at the gathering!





Byrd the Starfish



Guess what, folks? We just booked a professional pair of bellydancers/poi spinners to perform at the Gathering AND give a workshop! Can I get a hooray??? They performed at Bonnaroo where I asked if they'd be interested in coming.

Yay yay!



someone is fiddling and i am hungry.

those two statements are not overly related other than that they describe my current state, sitting in Charlottesville this Monday.

the Gathering is pulling together, I'm onto the last phases of advertising; flyering, posting on calendars, and so forth. we've gotten some suggestions for films to screen, which is great! the schedule being already done for the most part means that programs will be a breeze to put together, and some new folks have signed on to help with everything.

registration is a bit slower than last year- i have high hopes that it will pick up! i've done the best i can, talking it up, contacting other folks, doing several mailings, but we'll see. if you're planning on coming and haven't registered, please do soon so we know how much food to order! and while you're at it, save some gas money by getting all your friends to come too!

ok, time to find some food.

in solidarity and sisterhood