Saturday Morning Program—An Invitation to Inclusion

On Saturday morning, following the opening circle, we will be assembling as a group to co-create a dialogue about difference. This shared morning program will be an invitation to inclusion, to see one another more clearly, and represent all our stories, and to visibilize the undercurrents of identity in our community. In order to understand how we can move together holding the values we share, we will engage in difficult conversations together in supportive space, doing both large – and small group work, plus some one-on-one time, and sharing back.

It’s time to see each other, and move toward trust in each other. We are in this together. Remember, we are older than categories. Our interdependence makes us lethal to our oppressors.

This space will be held and guided by friend of community Ava Pipitone, an inter-generational bridge builder, who creates tools to scaffold the imaginations of others. Housing LGBT folx, building collective worker power, and organizing transgender communities are her focus. Ava helps communities heal through conversation and organization design.