A Journey to Self

Last year was the first Women’s Gathering I attended and one of the first times I have ever chosen to embark on an adventure alone. Although I knew there would be some familiar faces at this event, the idea of camping alone was foreign and frightening to me. I even left the event site shortly after I arrived to call my mother and express the fears I was facing! ¬†Luckily, she was there to reassure and support me in this moment of doubt. So, I took a deep breath and returned to the Gathering with the confidence that I was doing the right thing, and I am ever so grateful I did.

Over the weekend, I felt my walls of social anxiety and self-doubt slowly break down as I witnessed the beauty of women coming together to share songs, stories and support.

Experiencing the scared women-only space was a monumental experience in my life leaving two great impressions on me: a better understanding of self and the knowledge that my femininity exists outside of a sexual realm. – Ash