Women Unite!

Growing up, I experienced a lot of internalized misogyny and slut-shaming from the women around me.  Women in our society are conditioned to be in constant competition with each other, particularly in regard to sexuality.  Prior to moving to Twin Oaks and going to the Women’s Gathering, I had never experienced safety in my female friendships, but the Women’s Gathering is a space in which we women can heal our relationships with one another.  When we create community with each other, share responsibilities, and interact on an inter-generational level, we are a tribe.   When women join together, share ourselves in vulnerably, and seek harmony and balance with nature, the power that is manifested is enough to break the patriarchal chains that separate us.

In co-creating this space, we are pro-actively offering an alternative to the dissociated, disconnected patriarchal culture.  We create true community. – Angelica Jaffe