Event Schedule 2018


3:00pm-late               Registration Open

4:00-6:00pm             Tour of Twin Oaks

6:00-7:00pm.            Dinner

6:45-7:30pm.             Shabbat

7:30- 10:00pm          Performance Stage

Find some time during the weekend to visit the mudpit and then rinse off in the river!


7:15-7:45am              Meditation at Oasis

8:00-9:00am            Breakfast

9:00-10:15am           Opening Circle

10:30am-Noon         Workshops

12:30-1:30pm           Lunch

2-3:30pm                  Workshops

4:00-5:30pm            Workshops

4:00-6:00pm            Tour of Twin Oaks

6:00-7:00pm            Dinner

6:45-7:30pm             Havdala

7:30-9:00pm            Sharing Stage

8:00-10:00 pm         Sweat Lodge

9:00-9:30pm            Fire Healing Circle

9:30-12:00am          Dance Party

If you need some time to breathe, pay a visit to the labyrinth.


 7:15-7:45am             Meditation at Oasis

 8:00-9:00am           Breakfast

 10:00-11:30am        Workshops

 10:00-noon              Tour of Twin Oaks

 Noon-1:00pm          Lunch

 1:15-2:00pm            Closing Circle

 After That                 Clean Up & Tear Down

Plan out your weekend with this handy chart. (Click to enlarge.)