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Friday Night: Who doesn’t love a good show? Each year the Women’s Gathering plays host to a series of incredibly talented artists that welcome us to the Gathering with a Friday night performance. In the past, this evening of entertainment has also included dance-troupes, folk singers, poets, Twin Oaks Belly Dancers, Big Mama Joy as well as Devon Sproule, a Twin Oaks native. This year, the performances will be followed by the dance party.


Saturday Night: On Saturday night, throw your inhibitions away and jump on stage to share your talents with the community of fabulous women you’ve been living, learning and loving with over the course of the Gathering. Songs, dances, poems, story-telling—whatever you want to show us, we want to see it!  But don’t let the incredible talent of the Sharing Stage performers freak you out…performing at the Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering provides pretty much the most loving and supportive audience you could ask for. Whether you’re a veteran performer, or just want to try something out, the Sharing Stage is the place for you. You can join us at the drum circle after the sharing stage.

2016 Performers


Chrys Matthews

Chrys Matthews blends Americana, folk, jazz, blues, bluegrass and funk into a bold, complex performance steeped in traditional melodies and punctuated by honest, original lyrics. Having been compared to everyone from Toshi Reagon to Tracy Chapman to Ruthie Foster, Matthews’ eclectic infusion of genres has won her honorable mentions at the 2013 and 2014 Mid-Atlantic Song Contest and extensive radio play from Woman of Substance radio to WTJU-Charlottesville and WMRA-Harrisonburg to KBOO-Portland.

A prolific lyricist and composer, Matthews has found inspiration in her surroundings; from driving through the Blue Ridge Mountains to the compelling and heart-breaking love story of Richard and Mildred Loving. Thoughtful, realistic and emotional, Matthews’ songs speak to the voice of our generation and remind us why music indeed soothes the soul.

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Bigmama Joy

Bigmama Joy is a singer/songwriter/single mother, raising awareness and depth of thought through her personal stories put to music. She is here to prove to her daughter and to all daughters that a woman can both support her family and share her gifts with the world.

Earthtones PR Pic color

Earth Tones

Michele Zehr and Karen Mulder have been singing and strumming for decades, coming together concertedly in 2008 to perform at a vigil for survivors of sexual violence and recently, bringing their particular brand of nature-infused lyricism to songwriting. Now coming together as the EarthTones, Michele and Karen are honored to share their creativity and their love of nature’s sublime essence with you.


DK & the Joy Machine 

Somewhere between Patti Smith and Lucinda Williams, DK and the Joy rocks out on dulcimer–plucking, strumming & bowing—with music to move your soul. Learn more and be surprised at:

All of this musical goodness will be MC’ed by none other than the wonderful, magical Spice goddess!