The Gathering is quickly approaching! If you’d like to give a workshop at the 2019 Women’s Gathering, please fill out the following form (copy and paste into an email*), and send it to by August 1st!
We look forward to hearing from you!

Women’s Gathering Workshop Information
Name, Phone # and Email of Workshop Giver:
Name of Workshop:
Brief Description of Workshop (1-3 sentences for use in program to be given out):
Brief biographical info about workshop giver (1-3 sentences for program):
Will you be here for all of the gathering ? (Friday through Sunday):
If not, which days and times will you be here?
Do you have any special accessibility needs? (please describe)
What format will your workshop be? Please circle one:
LECTURE: primarily the leader giving information to the group, with some questions
DISCUSSION: primarily all participants sharing their experiences
OTHER (please describe):
Please note:
Workshop slots are one-and-a-half hours long.
Sites include chairs only, no tables. It is possible for you to have electricity, but only a limited number of workshops can have electricity since most of our workshop sites are not near electrical outlets.
We prefer that workshops not have a maximum number of people allowed.
It can be difficult to estimate how many participants may attend your workshop. We recommend planning ways that your workshop will work smoothly if either a smaller or a larger group attends.
Please speak with us ahead of time if you have any special needs for your workshop.
Please return this form to

*We’ll get our act together and use a google form next year, we swear!!