2018 Women’s Gathering Crew


Hawina Star Falcon was born in the Netherlands and crossed the ocean on a Polish steamboat to move to Twin Oaks Community in 1997. She is the mother of a 15-year old boy (Willow) and does a lot of organizing and facilitation work in the community. Hawina has attended and co-organized many Women’s Gatherings in her 20 years of membership and is one of our main voices of experience on the organizing team.


Valerie TU hair IMG_6156

Born and raised in Canada, Valerie has lived almost half her life at Twin Oaks. The lifework that nourishes her most is being a Yoga Instructor (current favourite pose: Half-Bow / Ardha Dhanurasana). Being a Virgo, she can’t help organizing things, and in addition to helping create the Women’s Gathering, she manages Twin Oaks’ firewood-splitting crew and hammock pillow-making workshop. One of her Ease Mantras: “How can I be with the experience that is happening right now with kindness and acceptance towards myself?”