2017 Women’s Gathering Crew


Hawina Star Falcon was born in the Netherlands and crossed the ocean on a Polish steamboat to move to Twin Oaks Community in 1997. She is the mother of a 15-year old boy (Willow) and does a lot of organizing and facilitation work in the community. Hawina has attended and co-organized many Women’s Gatherings in her 20 years of membership and is one of our main voices of experience on the organizing team.


Brittany moved to Twin Oaks from North Carolina six years ago.  She spends much of her work time in the garden and most of her free time reading about feminism from her room in the women’s residence.  She enjoys breaking menstrual taboos and promoting a culture of rebellious women.


Valerie TU hair IMG_6156

Born and raised in Canada, Valerie has lived almost half her life at Twin Oaks. The lifework that nourishes her most is being a Yoga Instructor (current favourite pose: Half-Bow / Ardha Dhanurasana). Being a Virgo, she can’t help organizing things, and in addition to helping create the Women’s Gathering, she manages Twin Oaks’ firewood-splitting crew and hammock pillow-making workshop. One of her Ease Mantras: “How can I be with the experience that is happening right now with kindness and acceptance towards myself?”

Ash Knots discovered the communities movement about 5 years ago. She is currently a member at Acorn community where she spends much of her time creating delicious meals for the community, organizing social activities and learning about seeds. This will be her fourth year attending the woman’s gathering and first year as an organizer. Being raised by two powerful women she values the spiritual nurturing that comes from sharing circle with women.