The Gathering is a three day celebration where more than a hundred women gather to learn, explore and play together at beautiful Twin Oaks Community. Workshop themes will range from sex and sexuality to gender justice to positive relationship building to DIY music, art, movement and more. In addition to scheduled performance spaces and workshops, there will also be lots of free time to network, drum, dance, meditate, strategize, roll around in the mud-pit and generally live it up with new and old friends at the Gathering.

But don’t just come to the Gathering….be part of making it happen! One of the best things about the Women’s Gathering is how each person has a role in making the event as wonderful as it is. Have a special talent? Come share it in a workshop! Want to sing at the Sharing Stage? Belt it out! Have a ritual you’d like to lead? We’re there! The Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering is a cooperative event through and through, and the incredible sense of community created in just three days—and over years and years of Gatherings—is truly extraordinary!

To register for the Gathering, or for more information, poke around this website a bit. If you can’t find the information you’re looking for, have questions/requests, or want to tell us about the rockin’ workshop you’d like to lead, shoot us an e-mail at gathering@twinoaks.org. The Twin Oaks Women’s Gathering is open to all folks who identify as women in a significant way. Looking forward to seeing you in August!

When: August 19-21 2022!

Where: Twin Oaks Community, Louisa VA

Who: Who: Open to all of us who identify as women in a significant way

What to bring:

Tent, sleeping bag, towel, flashlight, raingear, warm and cool clothes, bug-spray, sunscreen, and a potluck dish (see below). This is a low/no chem event. Please- no pets other than service animals. Consider bringing instruments, crafts, literature, songs, and skills to share!!


Twin Oaks will provide breakfast, lunch, milk, salad, and more- but the potluck dinners are the best part of the Gathering! Please bring three food items: a dish for 10 hungry people, some fruit, & a snack or juice. Please label the ingredients in your dish to assist those with special dietary needs. And don’t forget to write down the recipe to share!

Sharing Responsibility:

In our strongly individualistic society, sharing and acting in community is an inherently radical act. Participants are asked to do at least one 2-hr workshift during the weekend. Parents are asked to do one 2-hr childcare shift. Come early, help us get set up, and be part of making this magical event happen!


Childcare is co-operative. Each parent is  asked to sign up for one 2 hour childcare shift.  Boys 6 and under and girls of all ages are welcome to attend.  If you are bringing kids, please let us know when you register, so we know how many kids to plan for.

About Twin Oaks:

Curious about our host, Twin Oaks Community? Twin Oaks is an income sharing community of 90 adults and 10 children, ranging from tiny tiny just born all the way up to 80-something year old power houses! We make hammocks and tofu to earn our “bread,” as well as selling ornamental organic flowers, indexing books and growing organic seeds. All work at Twin Oaks is valued equally, and members contribute their weekly amount of required labor to the community in the ways that suit them best, from planning parties to planting trees and anything in between.  We have 465 acres of land that includes 9 residences, a dining hall, an art/activities building, a tree house, a river, a pond, and a sauna- in addition to the beautiful conference site. We grow most of our own produce on a 4 acre garden, have a large herd of cattle for dairy and beef, chickens for eggs and meat, and take most of our meals together. Check out our website at www.twinoaks.org! Or, to learn more about the many, many intentional communities out there and search for one near you, visit the FIC website.

We ask that Women’s Gathering participants refrain  from venturing into the community unless escorted by a Twin Oaks member, or going to the river/mud pit (following the paths provided rather than traversing the community). This helps limit the impact that the Gathering has on folks at Twin Oaks who aren’t participating. If you are interested in Twin Oaks, please sign up for one of the three tours that will happen during the weekend, and we’ll show you around!